• Nanofiber Filter Breathing New Technology, Nanofiber
    Permeability Blockability Durability
    Nano fibers are only 1 nanometer, 1 billionth of a meter, in thickness Nanofiber is a new material made by building these fibers sterically for a fishnet structure that has better permeability, blockability, and durability than any fiber ever invented.
    Made in KOREA

    AirQUEENNano Mask 5pcs

    C$20 일반가
    • • Product: AirQUEEN Mask
      • Manufactured in: Korea
      • Manufacturer: TOPTEC
      • Distributor: TOPTEC
      • Weight: 4.38g
      • Product Type: Mask
      • Expiry Date: 36 months
      • Storage Directions: closed container, in room temperature (1~30℃)
      • Entire Ingredients: felt (outer fabric, filter, inner fabric), plastic sheath wire, polypropylene ring, nylon strap

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