AirQUEEN Mask is anindustrial product.

AirQUEEN Maskuses the Nanofiber Filtertechnology of LEMON and is manufactured by TOPTEC.
Currently, the MFDSapproval is being processed, and when it is approved as sanitation mask,
80% of the product supply will be distributed as public distribution.

The Nanofiber Filterof AirQUEEN Mask is approvedby European SGS, REACH, and RoHS,and therefore is safe.

• Cadmium N/D
• Lead N/D
• Mercury N/D
• Hexavalent chromium N/D
• Other 182 categories N/D

Organic solvent and compound not detected Proven that metal material and harmful compound were not detected.

The Nanofiber Filter of AirQUEEN Mask is produced in a cleanand sanitary facility.

• Proven suitable for ISO 9001 quality management system
• Proven suitable for ISO 14001 environment management system

The Nanofiber Filter used for AirQUEEN Masks is produced in a facility approved for environment management system, so it is safe and sanitary.

The Nanofiber Filter of AirQUEENNano Mask is manufactured with patent technology.

• Cutting-edge technology that mass-produces consistent nano fiber filters • Selected as one of 100 technologies to lead Korea in 2020
• Approximately 50 patents around the world


Nanofiber Filter with excellent permeability and perfect protection from water and dust, used in AirQUEENMasks, is the fruit of LEMON,
a company listed through KOSDAQ, researching and developing nano fiber technology for 14 years

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